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Our mission is to promote innovation and education through our privately funded grants.

While we accept donations, we strive to be self sustaining through the use of ad revenue. When you download and play our mentally engaging mobile apps, you are making a true difference in this world.

value: $100


grants for innovative ideas

value: $1,000

grants for continuing education

value: $1,000

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About Us

Impressed by innovation, inspired by the desire for education, and a passion for video games. We just want to see everyone succeed in their passion as well.
This is Game For Grants.

Our Programs

Game For Grants provides grants to those who can demonstrate exceptional skill with our in-app games. We also offer grants to those who apply to our innovative idea or continuing education programs which are judged on a case by case basis.

Get Involved

Whether you contribute financially via donations or by playing our games, you make a real difference.

get involved

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You can help out by simply downloading our mobile app and playing one of our addictive games. It's really that easy to make a difference.


While the most exciting way to contribute to our cause is easily done by playing one of our games, we are also very grateful for your generous donations.


“What is Game For Grants?” Is a question that comes up pretty frequently to our team.The best way to answer this is with a story.

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