play games. win grants. that simple.

Play games.

win grants.

that simple.

our mission

I want to

We know you have great ideas and aspirations. We want to help you achieve your goals.

In our own pursuit of happiness, we hit a lot of financial snags along the way. There were many great ideas, but no funding to develop them. This is precisely what led to the development of our organization. Through the utilization of ad revenue and generous donations, we intend to bridge the financial gap between idea and innovation. The only thing you need to do is sit back, relax, and play a game.

our board of directors

jason schumacher

Chair & founder

While working in the manufacturing field, Jason had a lot of ideas. These ideas were expensive, and with limited funding, nearly impossible. With a background in business management, a knowledge of the fundamentals of programing, and a lot of persistence, Jason decided to bring to life the concept that is now Game For Grants.

mackie wyndham


Working professionally as an artist for her entire career, Mackie was able to bring life to the skeleton of Game For Grants. Combining a keen eye for artistic detail with a background in marketing, Mackie was a perfect fit in our organization.

will mahoney


Long time friend and entrepreneur, Will Mahoney joined our team to provide the technical support that Game For Grants was missing. With a background in IT, logistics, and business, Will entered in as the third piece of our organization’s puzzle.

The professional diversity and desire contained within our small team created the project that you see today. Together we strive to give opportunities to the future innovators of this world.