our grant programs

game based grants

The core driver of our program is our game-based grant system. Initially, paying players for winning games was a concept to stand out from the plethora of mobile games already out on the market. The idea was talked about and began to snowball. We went from, “How can we make a game stand out to make money?”, to “Wow, we could really do some good in this world and help people just like us.”

This was our “AHA!” moment.

We are currently offering two games on our application that is available for Android and iOS. The scores of each game are weighted, so play each game to have the best chance of success. You can view the leaderboard to see the highest scores, and how your scores compare. After the time period is up, the weighted score that is on top has demonstrated exceptional skill and will be awarded the game-based grant assuming they have met the terms and conditions.

We would love to hear your input on how we can better our system, or even what games you would like to see next. Feel free to contact us here.

application based grants

We didn’t want to stop there. After all, a lack of exceptional skill in video games shouldn’t preclude the innovators and dreamers out there from succeeding. To that end, we decided to offer two additional, application based grants.

These grants come in two primary forms: grants for innovative ideas, and grants for continuing education.

We want to help you SUCCEED.

Grants for innovative ideas: Big to small, tech to culture, we want to hear it all. Let us know how you will positively impact the future.

Grants for continuing education: College, trade school, seminars – These are all examples of continuing education. Whether they result in a degree, or just a better understanding of the earth that surrounds you. What do you want to learn?