Minor Consent Form - Application Grant

First of all, congratulations! Your child has been awarded a grant from the Game For Grants organization.

We are very serious at Game For Grants about your privacy, and we will not distribute any of your information without your express consent. Please fill out the following questionnaire and verify what we are allowed to share to the public.

Note: If consent is not given to share the name, we will use a first name only.
Note: Please write N/A if this does not apply to your country.

Your child was awarded a grant based on an application that was submitted to our website. Game For Grants will use this application as a basis of an article congratulating his/her achievement. In order to give other potential candidates more clarity as to what we look for when choosing grantees, we would like to provide as much information as possible. We understand, however, that you may wish for some information to be withheld from the public. In the following section, please list anything we may not share.

If you allow us to use a picture of your child, please upload it in this form.


am the parent or legal guardian of the aforementioned grant winner and attest to all information being true and valid and have read and understand all of the Game For Grants Policies.

Signature is required.

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