“What is Game For Grants?” Is a question that comes up pretty frequently to our team.
The best way to answer this is with a story.

For some time, Jason Schumacher was seeing a lot of issues with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that his day job was using. In order to fix the disconnect between employees that this software was causing, he decided to try his hand at solving it. With a limited background in computer engineering and database management, he soon realized he was not qualified to do this, nor did he have the funds to proceed.

In order to help train himself on the subject, he decided to start with something more simple, like a mobile application. Once the mobile app was finished, Jason had some time to reflect on what he had just done. He didn’t have the software that he originally intended to create and he still didn’t have the money, even with his newfound knowledge he had acquired, to move forward.

What Jason was left with was a mobile app, a predicament, and a realization that he could not be the only one with a dream that was held back by a lack of funding and/or education.

It was on this day, that the idea of Game For Grants was born.

Using the mobile app that he created, Jason and the rest of our team transformed a simple idea into a reality by adding ads from Google to generate revenue for our organization, which we now use to provide grants to people with a dream to make a better future.



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